Has the DMV Arranged a Re-Examination of Your License?

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Re-Examination Hearing

DMV Hearing Lawyer in Orange County

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has the responsibility of ensuring that licensed motorists are capable of driving safely. In addition to testing drivers who wish to obtain a license, the DMV may also choose to re-evaluate individuals who already have a valid driver's license. This process is known as re-examination and is typically conducted when the DMV has concerns about a driver's physical or mental condition, or their poor driving record.

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Drivers may be re-examined for a number of reasons, some of these reasons may include:

  • You are stopped by a law enforcement officer who observes certain driving behaviors or conditions and believes you may be an unsafe driver.
  • Your physician or surgeon – who is required by law – reports certain medical conditions or disorders to the DMV. These conditions may include Alzheimer's, losing consciousness, and seizure disorders, among others.
  • People who are familiar with you and your driving abilities may report their concerns to the DMV.
  • Your license application or renewal indicates you have a condition that may affect your ability to safely drive a vehicle.
  • Your driving record may have too many accidents, traffic violations, negligent driving actions, or other issues that could prompt the DMV to re-evaluate your ability to drive safely.

If the DMV decides that you should be re-examined, you will receive a Notice of Re-Examination of Driver. You may be required to provide the DMV with your medical information and other paperwork about your physical and mental health. You may also be required to attend a hearing and submit to vision or driving tests. Depending on the unique facts of your case, DMV Hearing Officers may allow you to continue driving or take administrative actions to suspend, restrict, or revoke your license.

Assistance with Re-Examination Hearings

At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, our DMV hearing attorneys have extensive experience helping clients navigate proceedings with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our legal team is available to help you learn more about your rights, re-examinations before a DMV Hearing Officer, and how we can be of assistance with this type of hearing.

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