Mental and Physical Evaluations

If a person commits several traffic violations, or has a history of causing motor vehicle accidents, he/she may have his/her California driver’s license placed on suspension or revoked by the Department of Motor Vehicles if he/she has a mental disability, or a physical disability. While people who have certain mental and/or physical conditions have the right to drive, they may lose their driving privileges if they have a poor driving record or history of violations and accidents.

In order to suspend a person’s driver’s license, the DMV must conduct a physical and/or mental evaluation of the person. During the evaluation, the DMV will reexamine or investigate the person’s physical capabilities, mental capabilities, sensory functions, and emotional stability to see if the person fulfills state mandated driving requirements. If the person does not fulfill the driving requirements, his/her driver’s license may be suspended or revoked.

  • Expert Opinions
    The DMV will also request an expert opinion from a licensed health professional – including General Practitioners, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Addiction Professionals – on official DMV forms regarding clients' health. DMV Officials will look at health history including head, neck, spinal injury, disorders or illnesses, seizures, convulsions or epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and strokes, muscular diseases, kidney diseases, any permanent impairment, regular or frequent alcohol use, problems with use of alcohol or drugs and types of prescription medications. They will ask the health professional if the side effects from the prescribed medications interfere with the patient's ability to drive safely and if the patient's current medical condition currently affects safe driving. Our team can assist clients with collecting this information.

Having a revoked or suspended driver’s license can be a great nuisance and adversely impact a person’s present and future quality of life. This is especially true if a person believes that he/she should have passed his/her mental or physical evaluation. Once a person has failed his/her evaluation, it is always advisable that he/she try to retain his/her driving privileges by taking the time to schedule and attend a DMV hearing. It is also advisable that people retain the services of a qualified DMV attorney to litigate on their behalf.

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The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry provides quality legal representation for clients throughout Orange County and the surrounding areas. Virginia L. Landry is a reputable lawyer who has helped numerous clients through the duration of their DMV hearings. When clients choose to obtain the services of Attorney Landry, they are provided with leading resources, one-on-one counsel, and dedicated representation for their various legal matters.

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